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Pedal Boss

Lone Drum is a long time member of the Slug Wife crew as an integral part of K.L.O. and our resident monster behind the turntables. He’s been crafting his sound for a while now, and has put together an EP of five truly original tracks ready to melt dancefloors and brain cells alike. We’re honored to be able to put out his first solo release, and we’re sure that once you’ve heard it you’ll understand why!

Whack Lack Vol. 3

For this third edition, we’re excited to feature Fanu, long time stalwart of the breaks and bass scene. Having released extensively as both Fanu and FatGyver, his music is driving, infectious, and always a must-have for any serious breaks enthusiast. He’s pulled out all the stops for Whack Lack Vol. 3, providing a listening experience that is both raw and finessed, and utterly unlike anything else you’ll hear on this side of Gastropodia Prime.

Bright Spots

Chalky & Seppa have created something truly unique with “Bright Spots” — combining chunky rhythms of hip-hop with raw instrumentalism and involving hooks, the duo takes you on a journey through their combined influences, pulling the past into the future. To top this off, we’re excited to be presenting Chalky’s music to the world. Make sure you keep tabs on him in time to come, as his musical output is nothing short of astonishing!


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it’s all about the music that makes your head bob and your giant, body-length foot convulse with pleasure. We are both a record label and a crew, designed to push our sound our own way without having to break the integrity of our artists’ work; we respect the fundamental role artists play in the world of music, and strongly believe each one should be treated as a unique entity. By allowing producers/musicians to retain full creative freedom, we aim to continuously break boundaries in music production and encourage more to follow suit.

With SLUG WIFE, it’s all fun, no compromise.

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