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Whack Lack Vol. 2

Staring out the window, Denni knew what she had to do. It’s always when she’s got a free day to herself that something would mess up her flow, and today it was a broken stylus. No scratching until she sorts that one out—nobody would deliver to her block, as she resided a few miles beyond where the road stopped being functional, disintegrating from a lack of maintenance and a lack of interest from the powers that be[...]


Slithering her way down a maze of barely-lit, steel corridors, the pilot ran through her training in an attempt to not miss out a critical step. Powering up these new machines was a 25-stage process—one misstep and you’re back to square one looking like a complete rookie. Today, she would be showing off the Slime Militia’s newest tech to a very important person; someone who, she was told, must be absolutely impressed by the end of the demonstration. Her commanding officer had made this clear to her in no uncertain terms[...]

Eos Platform

Dr. Zee leaned back slowly in his battered leather chair. In front of him was a large desk made of some kind of reclaimed metal, littered with documents most of which had long passed their usefulness. The wall ahead was constructed of a translucent material allowing him to observe the “majesty” of Gastropodia Prime. The unfortunate home world of the GasPod’s had once been a verdant and varied landscape, with an equally varied selection of inhabitants. These days it was a acrid rock covered with rolling clouds of luminous pollution[...]


Slug stuff for slugs by gangsta slugs from space | #slugthreads • #slugstickers
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it’s all about the music that makes your head bob and your giant, body-length foot convulse with pleasure. We are both a record label and a crew, designed to push our sound our own way without having to break the integrity of our artists’ work; we respect the fundamental role artists play in the world of music, and strongly believe each one should be treated as a unique entity. By allowing producers/musicians to retain full creative freedom, we aim to continuously break boundaries in music production and encourage more to follow suit.

With SLUG WIFE, it’s all fun, no compromise.


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