Freshest Slime

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Bright Spots

Charlie slunk into the smokey basement to the sound of a saxophone floating through the haze. He could always rely on this place to supply music to soothe the soul; he certainly needed some extra care and attention right now. Music is about shared passion and mutual respect, but that doesn’t mean you can always avoid people who want to take advantage of your talents. Years of work with a collaborator had lead to the swine releasing the music with barely a credit in Charlie’s direction. In the grand scheme of things, these people get what they deserve eventually[...]


Everything was fucked. The streets riddled with cracks and holes, lights sputtering on and off, unidentified liquids oozing out of long defunct air-conditioning units. Everything was fucked, but not for Mac. He was lingering outside a particularly shady café, slowly sipping a coffee that had more in common with the greasy puddles on the street than it really should. Nothing was really what it should be anymore; the infrastructure of Slüg Silo-7b had almost completely disintegrated to the point where everything was supplied through the black market one way or another[...]

Whack Lack Vol. 2

Staring out the window, Denni knew what she had to do. It’s always when she’s got a free day to herself that something would mess up her flow, and today it was a broken stylus. No scratching until she sorts that one out—nobody would deliver to her block, as she resided a few miles beyond where the road stopped being functional, disintegrating from a lack of maintenance and a lack of interest from the powers that be[...]


Slug stuff for slugs by gangsta slugs from space | #slugthreads • #slugstickers
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it’s all about the music that makes your head bob and your giant, body-length foot convulse with pleasure. We are both a record label and a crew, designed to push our sound our own way without having to break the integrity of our artists’ work; we respect the fundamental role artists play in the world of music, and strongly believe each one should be treated as a unique entity. By allowing producers/musicians to retain full creative freedom, we aim to continuously break boundaries in music production and encourage more to follow suit.

With SLUG WIFE, it’s all fun, no compromise.